Music is the language of the soul and what music can express is sometimes difficult to articulate in words. Music is the universal language of harmony and love and the students of SICAS have used this subtle ambassador of peace to create an ambience of acceptance.
Founded by a group of enthusiastic students, the SICAS Music Society pulsates with promising energy and talent of a diverse group of members. We encourage our students not to shy away from joining the society based on natural talent because dedication and passion is all you really need!
 Empowering our members through musical education, workshops and jamming sessions is a crucial part of creating talented vocalists and instrumentalists, which is why we provide our students with the adequate resources and support to do so.
Our members have participated in numerous events such those hosted by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW), the LGS Grammathon, the LUMS Olympiad, and the BDC Battle of the Bands.
Other than bagging awards at competitions, the SICAS Music Society is active in internal events as well. From hosting ghazal nights to organizing concerts the society can make any event at SICAS fun and entertaining.

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