Life at SICAS

The House System

The House System at SICAS has been in place since the school’s inception. There are a total of four houses; Salam. Tipu, Faiz and Qasim, each one with its own distinct motto, symbol and flag. Students are assigned to their houses at the time of admission and remain affiliated with them until they graduate. The House System runs on a point-based arrangement whereby students can contribute to their house points through academic and co-curricular achievements or by simply following school rules and maintaining discipline.
The purpose of the House System is to encourage a sense of camaraderie amongst the student body and   to develop in them the virtue of healthy competition. Students strive to be the best version of themselves to bag the end of the year House Trophies for Academics, Co-Curricular and Sports.
A notable feature of the House system is the nomination and appointment of House Captains, whose task is to rally fellow House Members and to select individuals for team events, amongst other duties. Housemasters and Housemistresses are also appointed and they are responsible in overseeing the performance and discipline of their respective Houses.

The Student Council

The Student Council is an integral part of SICAS. The Head Boy and Head Girl along with their House and Sports Captains form the Executive Council of the school. The liaison between the Executive Council and elected society heads, results in a highly motivated and formidable Student Council. They form a vital link between the student body and administration. Governed by the SICAS student handbook, they form the standing committee for all school activities such as Inter and Intra school competitions, fundraising, school spirit, teacher appreciation, and community service. Being a member of the Student Council is not only an exciting and gratifying experience but also teaches our young learners the age old lesson of “With great power comes great responsibility”


Our commitment to providing a vast selection of athletic facilities and programs falls in line with our vision of producing students who excel in all facets of life. A robust athletics program helps our students develop physical endurance, stamina, self-discipline, agility and provides them with the outlet they need for their emotional wellbeing. Therefore the facilities offered at SICAS range from a 25 meter competition standard swimming pool and state of the art facilities for a variety of sports such as cricket, football, badminton, tennis and basketball.

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