SICAS Multan
Comprehensive education for me is premised on championing academic excellence and character-building. The two complement one another: sharing as they do a symbiotic relationship. Upholding strong values is a sign of great character while academic excellence equips one with in-demand skills needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Much importance is accorded to communication, leadership and problem-solving skills in the 21 century. While this by no means is undue, skill acquisition at expense of inculcating values is to blame for a lot of what is wrong with the world today.

Over a two decade-long career as an educationist, I have observed that pupils come to command a well-rounded personality only when just the right balance is struck between academic achievement and model citizenry. All efforts, otherwise, will come to naught. Learning devoid of value education is simply ineffective.

This explains our single-minded focus on goal-oriented activities across all grade levels at SICAS Multan. Active learning is ensured by engaging every student further using the extracurricular such as theatre, athletics and projects.

My team and I aspire to raise nation builders. We fire student spirit to maximise individual potential and always remedy the rare shortcoming or two. Witnessing students turn out as learned, sophisticated individuals boasting all qualities necessary to excel in every sphere of life is both: a personal and career high note for yours truly!

Maleeka H Gardezi
SICAS Multan
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