The SICAS Senior MUN Society was created with the purpose of promoting the art of diplomacy and encouraging its members to develop informed opinions through in-depth research and analysis. The Society has won numerous awards at prestigious competitions such as ACMUN, LUMUN and BMUN. SICAS also won the Best Delegation Award at the LGS MUN in 2012.

In 2010 the MUN Society set a brilliant new precedent by hosting the first SiMUN in which many institutions took part including LGS,Aitchison, Beaconhouse, LUMS and L.S.E. Now, for the third year running, it has been a huge success with four days of enthralling debate sessions in which the delegates deal with key issues faced by countries around the world. Delegates are also able to enjoy and relax at social events, which included the Global Village, a Concert Night, a Talent Night and a Formal Dinner. SICAS Senior looks forward to hosting this event annually and promoting our ideals in the years to come.

In addition, our team also takes part in MUNIST in Istanbul Turkey (as we did in 2012) where every year we have a few Outstanding Diplomacy Awards. In the coming years we also aspire to take part in Harvard MUN.

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