Science is an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives. Although one rarely thinks about it but science makes extraordinary things possible. With the pace that the world is progressing and the speed with which technology is advancing, an understanding of science is a crucial part of a complete education.
SAW’s objective is to help students develop a legitimate interest in science by helping and motivating them to take part in competitions and getting published in scientific magazines and journals.
Members of SAW participate in various model-making competitions and science quizzes including the Aitchison All Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Quiz Competition, King Edward Inter-Collegiate Master Mind Competition, LGS Match, Pandora and Innovations. The society also arranges for inter-class quizzes and science fairs. Its patrons make sure that such events are not just serving superficial goals of supplementing classroom teaching but that they expand the horizons of the students by making them come face to face with scientific processes.
SAW  is also proud to announce the creation of  its one of a kind event Prometheus. An amalgamation of science, business and law, the mega event is aimed at constructing a cross-roads between these disciplines.

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