SICAS | SICAS QuickStart Mini Tennis Programme

SICAS Mini Tennis Programme:

SICAS has the unique distinction to offer tennis as a PE activity. The Quickstart format allows under-12 students to start learning tennis at a young age and this serves as huge advantage as they develop their skills in the later years. Through this activity we strive to help children develop team spirit, leadership skills, and self-confidence.  In addition, it gives students an experience of  competition at an early stage.
The format overcomes the factors that intimidate young players: full-sized courts, and full-sized racquets. These hurdles put the game out of reach for many, making tennis instruction more like a lesson in frustration!
QuickStart is the polar opposite. It offers “real tennis,” scaled down for children in every way – from equipment to court size. Youngsters can start playing during their first lesson, making the game available, accessible and enjoyable.
SICAS also offers tennis as an after-school activity for students who wish to fast-track their skills and take their game to the next level.

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