SICAS | Sports at SICAS

Mission Statement:

The physical education (PE) program at SICAS is grounded in integrity, promotes character development and collaboration. We believe that athletic competition is a powerful teacher. Physical and mental challenges in a team context offer athletes the opportunity to develop leadership skills, self–confidence and a commitment to others that will inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

Program Goals

  1. Measure the success of our program by the degree to which it embodies the core values of the mission statement.
  2. Employ competent coaches who possess the ability to motivate and relate positively to student athletes.
  3. Celebrate the joy of competition and the benefits of physical fitness.
  4. Develop individual athletes and teams that are constantly improving, hard–working, disciplined and understand fundamental aspects of their sport.
  5. Allocate equipment and resources to support the program equitably and appropriately for participants of each gender at all skill levels.
  6. Provide a safe environment for all athletic activities.
  7. Produce teams that are competitive and strive to win.
  8. Offer a variety of team sports and encourage a breadth of athletic experiences.
  9. Expect all members of SICAS community to demonstrate respect for opponents, officials and the rules of competition.
  10. Develop in athletes an appreciation for the specific traditions, rules and cultures of their sport.

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