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French, an official language at United Nations, is known as the international language of research, science, art, literature, cinema, theater, cooking, fashion and architecture. The most distinct quality of this language is that about 50 per cent of the English vocabulary is derived from French. Also, French is ranked as second most prevalent language in the world.

Learning foreign languages has become indispensable in the modern day world due to diverse factors; including exceeding competition. Speaking multiple languages plays a pivotal role in forming a brilliant career. The very concept of learning a foreign language is a creative aspect that imparts linguistic skills and enables learners to explore respective cultures and lifestyles by communicating with people from a variety of origins and hence building a strong connection due the apt understanding of their language.
Knowing a foreign language can thus make a student globally recognized and it caters a special advantage while applying to colleges around the globe.

Understanding well the benefits of learning global languages, we included it in our curriculum and started teaching French as a Foreign Language in Sicas in 2013. Today, we are the largest Department of French in Pakistan with around 1300 students studing French as a Foreign Language. We follow spiral approach and direct methodology designed by CECFR to teach French. This year in April our first batch of 75 students from Grade-7 took DELF A1 examination with 100% results.  Now, 21 students from Grade-8 have opted French as an optional subject and we will be preparing them to take IGCSE French examination in Grade-11. Also, this without any doubt will be the largest sum of students from any institution taking French at O Level.
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