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Speaker Series
Successful entrepreneurs, fitness consultants, educational innovators, theater actors and musicians - SICAS Senior hosted them all as a part of our new “learning beyond classrooms” venture - the SICAS-X Speaker Series.  21st century learners can’t be confined to the parameters of textbooks and exam questions. They need to be holistic in their approach and critical in their thought. To hone these creative and critical pursuits, SICAS academic team collaborates with experts from different walks of life who come in for an interactive session with our students. Serving the role of a “mentor”, these individuals bring with them years of experience and valuable insights that are shared with our learners. The students ask them questions and seek advice. SICAS is focused on creating experiential learning opportunities for our students and through the Speaker Series, our students have secured internships and observerships at the organizations managed by our esteemed speakers.

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