The SICAS Robotics Club is a breeding ground for our next generation of exceptional engineers. The club is a testament to the commitment of our school to keep up with global education trends and to venture out into untapped fields in Pakistan. Considering the enormous potential of the field, the demand for trained professionals will drastically rise in the near future.
Consequently, our robust curriculum  introduces young learners to the world of robotics by incorporating numerous topics from subjects such as Physics and Computer Science. Topics such as motion planning, obstacle avoidance, velocity,acceleration, serial chain mechanisms, actuators and drive circuits are covered. Students are also exposed to the concept of Artificial Intelligence enabling them to go on to create advanced robots.Theoretical concepts are practically demonstrated, encouraging our students to take on roles of mechanical and electrical engineers as well as computer programmers.
After the successful completion of this course, students will be able to design, create, assemble and program their own robots. These robots will be able to perform basic activities that a common robot can perform like moving (right, left, forward, backward), finding paths, detecting obstacles, making smooth turns and rotating.

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