Each student’s path is unique and SICAS recognizes that. In a time which is more globalized than ever, we are carefully crafting our student’s unique pathways and aim to connect their passion to their futures. One instrument through which we facilitate our student’s attainment is Naviance - a US-based software that has revolutionized college counselling. Through Naviance, we are able to monitor and evaluate each learner’s individual progress and counsel them accordingly. Every student enrolled in our schools has access to Naviance via a unique login id, create a portfolio for themselves to ensure that their profile is being prepared for college applications in advance. Our students start using Naviance as early as Grade 9. Naviance keeps a record of their grades, co-curricular activities, teacher recommendations, test scores etc. We then match our students with top colleges in the world based on their Naviance portfolio.
Naviance is another example of the optimal use of technology and its integration into education. At SICAS, we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow through planning ahead and that too with the best tools possible. Our student’s individual portfolios are monitored by our team of in-house counselling experts who link our students to a range of internship opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, social impact and community work options based on their interests

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