Guidance Counseling


Each student’s greatest asset is his/her individuality. At SICAS Senior, we are dedicated to helping students recognize their uniqueness and cultivate their talent. Our work begins the day a student joins our institution, in developing a relationship which will allow us to aid each student in becoming the best he/she can be.

We recognize no boundaries and commit our energies to helping our students achieve their dreams, no matter how obscure or unlikely. Our payback is their future success and the pure joy on their faces the day they secure admissions or win scholarships!

The counselors ensure that every student is able to identify his/ her dream career, and then has all the tools to construct this dream into reality.


The guidance-counseling department has an open door policy. Students can meet the counselors during office hours. Scheduling an appointment is strongly recommended so that the counselor can pay undivided attention to the student.

Further, the counseling department organizes workshops and information sessions so that students are up-to-date about choices and opportunities and have a good idea as to how they can go about the application processes. Such workshops/sessions rely heavily on student feedback. If the student falls into the relevant group, it is mandatory for him/her to attend these sessions. For example, if the workshop is about Chartered Accountancy as a career choice, all Accounting students must attend it.

SICAS has also incorporated the use of counselling software - Naviance to better organize our student’s college applications. Naviance is a cutting edge counseling system through which our students can preserve and record their academic and cocurricular profile for the counselors to review and guide accordingly. Each student gets a unique login id on the system.
In addition to this, SICAS has also partnered with a leading college counseling firm in Lahore led by graduates from Harvard University. As a result of our collaboration with them, our students can avail free of cost, personalized and meticulously goal oriented support.


The counselors guide and facilitate the students in the following realms:

  • Subject choice
  • Career choice
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • College/university choice
  • Application process (essay, recommendation letters)
  • Financial aid and scholarships

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