SICAS Senior
SICAS Senior is committed to developing academic excellence, leadership and social and ethical responsibility in our students while, at the same time, addressing their individual learning needs. We believe in a trusting and caring environment where values are honoured and respected. We understand that our students learn in a variety of ways and must be viewed as individuals evolving into their own identities as they learn and grow. We understand that this growth only occurs when students feel safe, respected and appreciated, and results ultimately in our students succeeding in all spheres of life.

The unique experience that SICAS offers includes small class sizes, small student to teacher ratio and ample opportunities to experience a variety of extracurricular activities that enables students to think critically and creatively in a structured environment as they develop diverse skills to become well rounded holistic learners.

SICASIANS are challenged to question, reflect, serve, lead, learn and grow academically and spiritually as SICAS Senior is unique in offering an education experience that caters to the needs of all students.

Our tradition of academic experience can be attributed to our outstanding and dedicated staff and the high quality of our student body. We are a progressive high school and strive to foster a sense of community in which every individual is respected and encouraged to realize their full potential, whether it be their personal character development, their sense of work ethic or their understanding of positive and active citizenship. SICAS Senior believes that it is only by fostering these core traits and values in our young people that we can prepare them for full productive and successful lives.

SICAS Senior is renowned not only for its high quality academics but also for the rich co -curricular experience it offers each student and this balance is what results in an enriching SICAS experience. Our co-curricular activities are comprehensive with students signing up for societies and clubs of their choice and this allows them to develop their unique strengths and talents so that by the time they graduate, they will have been exposed to different social and cultural issues that have left an impact on them and that will continue to inspire them.
SICAS is, moreover, committed to growth and innovation and we continually improve upon our infrastructure, our system and our faculty. Policies and procedures continuously evolve as they are reviewed so that SICAS remains an institution of progressive innovation that fits the learning objectives of the 21st century.

Kind Regards,
Nausheen Adnan

Principal  SICAS Senior

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