The school spirit that SICAS Girls advocates is reflective of the students’ collective actions, thoughts and aspirations, and we believe we attain our eminence from these accomplishments. Good quality education is not the only thing we believe in.  With learning we mean transformation of personality, a personality which is a true blend of values, norms, social responsibility and knowledge. We realize that each child tends to achieve success differently, and hence development of the ‘individual student’ takes the center stage at SICAS.
Each child who arrives at SICAS Girls comes with their own individual challenges.  We take upon ourselves, as our task during their time, to help them achieve their own unique potential and become empowered individuals, as we offer a rich, inclusive and holistic approach to education.  Our students surpass our expectations and reiterate our belief that what we give them inside the classroom extends so much further.

Through the right blend of co-curricular involvement, our students are encouraged to develop their talent and establish an impressive portfolio of co-curricular achievements, which plays a vital role in the SICAS experience. These hardworking, articulate young people are a credit to the school and an inspiration to us all, and are securely at the heart of all school activities.  We encourage the sterling input of our parents and request for their continuous support in giving direction and maturity to whatever gifts these children may possess.

What lies ahead may be uncertain, but we continuously strive to prepare our students to survive in this new look world, where they are required to be in control of their learning in the digital environment. To cope with the revolutionary changes, SICAS Girls endeavors to incorporate online learning with conventional education.   Student-led activity based learning inculcates in them important values, competencies and necessary skills, and has become the hallmark of our curriculum.  Innovative teaching makes the learning process an enlightening one, sparkling as it does with the curiosity of the student, as we watch them discover their immense capacity to succeed, and make success and excellence contagious commodities.

SICAS aims to continually invest in its system, its faculty, and the facilities it provides, to be an institution of choice.  The school curriculum department and evaluation unit regularly assesses the quality of their program offerings, and the faculty is continuously challenged to improve their craft through various teacher training courses. We review and update our policies and procedures occasionally to ensure that our students remain appropriately challenged and supported in their academic progress, as they learn the art to expand the possibilities they see for themselves.  At no point do we, or will we, abandon what we believe is best for our students.  It is here they learn the most important lesson in life, that regardless of how hard it seems, it’s vital that they keep giving it their best.  And together, we continue to explore those endless possibilities!

Kind Regards,
Aliya Bukhari

Prinicipal SICAS Girls

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