SICAS Learner's Attributes


As our student body grows, both in terms of number and the diversity of student backgrounds, the need for a common identity becomes pertinent. We find this common identity in a set of learner attributes that we expect each Sicasian to uphold. These attributes cater to the social, emotional and intellectual development of our students and inform our teacher’s pedagogical practice as well. The implementation of these attributes however is not possible with just the teachers playing their part - the responsibility extends to our parents as well who are viewed as partners in the process of learning that takes place at SICAS. Through this holistic strategy, we aim on instilling values that shall make our learners not just excellent students but also ethically conscious global citizens.


Our students should aspire to have a sound distinction between right and wrong and guide their day to day decisions through this understanding. The learners are trained in taking a principled position through programs such as the spirit week where each day is dedicated to celebrating a specific value.

Open Minded:
The diversity in our student body’s lived experiences calls for our schools to act as spaces that cater to different ideas. A sicasian is therefore expected to be open-minded. He or she should be able to appreciate the multiplicity of perspectives around them and to approach these perspectives as learning opportunities.

Our learner must demonstrate a knack for acquiring more knowledge and to develop a lens through which they can critically evaluate new information. Therefore, a sicasian must be inquisitive. This learning attribute is attained through the emulation of IB programs such as “Unit of Inquiry” and the introduction of the Global Perspectives program which is now running as a mandatory course in middle and senior schools

A sicasian must recognize his or her privilege and use it to understand and empathize with people in their surroundings. They work towards making their community and the wider world a more just and caring space for everyone to live together.


Our students aspire to generate original thoughts and ideas which add value to their lives in the 21st century. Through our local and international curricula, and with the direct support of school heads and teachers, SICAS students draw on inspirational examples from human history to be creative, imaginative and innovative in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


Our learners should be confident in what they do and trust their potential to overcome challenges. Our understanding of confidence also extends to accepting the mistakes we make and viewing them as an opportunity to improve ourselves.



A Sicasian must be thoughtful and take out time to reflect on their learnings and their role as an individual in a wider community. Reflection is the key ingredient in our learning process as it provides our learner with a chance to stop and think about their strengths and weaknesses, integrate their newly acquired knowledge with their existing worldview.
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