SEML Head Office

SICAS stands out for consistent delivery of quality education across all campuses. Maintenance of quality standards and coherence across all branches is achieved at the SSS Educational Management Private Limited (SEML) Head Office. The HO has grown in its size and role with the expansion in the school network. It currently works in a facilitative capacity for SICAS as well as its sister schools - Salamat School System and Kids Kampus.

All SEML schools are centrally supported by the Company’s Head Office, which provides standardized academic support in terms of curriculum development and planning, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance, design and communication, security and safety, HR services, IT and logistical support etc. Additionally, the Head Office manages finances, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides business development related services for growth in the network. Our schools exercise autonomy in decisions that impact student learning, the HO proposes and facilitates the adoption of initiatives that further enhance the quality of our educational programs.


SEML Head Office Mission Statement

To provide our schools and its personnel the best possible support services to cater to their collective and individual interests. To grow our school network across the region to become a leading provider of education for a variety of communities.

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