SICAS | Academic Director's Note

I am thrilled to join SICAS as the Academic Director (AD).  As the AD, I oversee all schools’ program of study, curriculum, instruction, and professional development to ensure all students perform at their highest level.  I also direct the implementation of instructional strategies and evaluation of academic staff. 
 Being an educator for over 25 years I have come to believe in a constructivist teaching approach and student-centered instruction.  Students should be given the chance to construct their own knowledge based on their prior experience and they should be taught all the 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and ICT skills as well as creativity and global mindedness.  This enables the students to solve problems they encounter in their daily life and become life-long learners as well as allow them to be good citizens with an international mind who are willing to share their success with others and to participate in improving their community and the global community.  I believe in educating the student as a whole person, which means schools should not only focus on teaching the academic skills and content, but also on character building which requires teaching many social and communication skills. 
Based on my extensive work experience and technical academic qualifications in the field of education, I am equipped to work on training of teachers and educational leaders; digital learning as well as the use and choice of educational technologies; classroom observation and evaluation of teachers; teaching, learning and assessment strategies; curriculum development; student character building, outdoor education and community service programs; and building partnerships and working collaboratively with the school management teams and parents.
Before moving to Lahore and joining SICAS through its parent company SEML, I have worked at leading educational institutions in countries including Lebanon (my homeland), Egypt, UAE, and Turkey. As an Educator I started out as a homeroom and science teacher and after several years of enjoying teaching, I became an instructional leader and I had the following roles, Director of Curriculum Development, Curriculum and Staff Development Consultant, Cambridge IGCSE Coordinator & Exam officer, Grade Level Leader as well as a Founding Principal. These experiences have collectively given me extensive exposure to training of teachers, curriculum development as well as the school improvement & accreditation processes and establishing new schools across all mainstream curricula i.e., American, IB, Cambridge, and British National Curriculum.
A highlight of my career was working in Lebanon on the development of the national science curriculum and writing three science textbooks & the related teacher’s guide for Grades 1, 2 & 3.  
 I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, a Teaching Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Education from the American University of Beirut.  I have also earned a PhD in Education from Saint Joseph University in Beirut.
Dr. Noha Mazraani,
PhD in Education
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