SICAS Boys exists to ensure that its pupils leave the institution as positive and confident members of society.
A comprehensive climate of academic, therapeutic and personalised learning is achieved through clear boundaries, high expectations and inspirational role modelling.
We are a collaborative learning community where we want everyone – pupils, staff, and parents – to feel welcomed and to be valued. We believe each individual is unique and has his own special talent which can be easily developed in a calm and thoughtful environment where there is fairness, understanding, well defined rules, and where the consequences of actions are accepted by all. Subsequently, this teaches our students, core life skills and to achieve a personal best, it also leads them to stay socially relevant!
Helping children become 21st century, lifelong learners & responsible for their own excellence are key elements that we are trying to instil. Our Cambridge primary & secondary curriculum invigorates accelerated learning through innovative techniques and modern teaching tools. We have a contained teacher - student ratio; we believe that each child is an individual and, therefore, learns in a different way! 
The way forward for us is to join our hands firmly together to nurture our future generation, and co-create the future of education.
At SLC, we strive to provide our children with holistic education that gives ‘hope’ to the next generation, and a sense of belonging with Pakistan- our homeland. Only then can our mission of developing our pupils into "Self-Directed Learners, Compassionate Leaders, Responsible and Useful Citizens" can be fulfilled.

Kind Regards,
Shazia Iqbal
Principal SICAS Boys