Our Signature Programs


The Advisory Program at SICAS provides our students from Grade Nine with the required resources, guidance and support to skilfully navigate through their school years. The program is structured to take place weekly, during the school day for forty-five minutes. Groups of Grade Nine students are mentored by the A-Level students under the supervision of a faculty member. The goal of Advisory is to foster an environment where the emotional, social and academic needs of our students are met. This is done through counselling them on a wide range of topics, which include but are not limited to; study plans, financial literacy, social issues, future planning and character building. The program not only ensures that the students feel protected and nurtured but also that they receive a holistic educational experience which is not just confined to conventional classroom learning.



The SICAS Robotics Club is a breeding ground for our next generation of exceptional engineers. The club is a testament to the commitment of our school to keep up with global education trends and to venture out into untapped fields in Pakistan. Considering the enormous potential of the field, the demand for trained professionals will drastically rise in the near future.
Consequently, our robust curriculum  introduces young learners to the world of robotics by incorporating numerous topics from subjects such as Physics and Computer Science. Topics such as motion planning, obstacle avoidance, velocity,acceleration, serial chain mechanisms, actuators and drive circuits are covered. Students are also exposed to the concept of Artificial Intelligence enabling them to go on to create advanced robots.Theoretical concepts are practically demonstrated, encouraging our students to take on roles of mechanical and electrical engineers as well as computer programmers.
After the successful completion of this course, students will be able to design, create, assemble and program their own robots. These robots will be able to perform basic activities that a common robot can perform like moving (right, left, forward, backward), finding paths, detecting obstacles, making smooth turns and rotating.



Each student’s path is unique and SICAS recognizes that. In a time which is more globalized than ever, we are carefully crafting our student’s unique pathways and aim to connect their passion to their futures. One instrument through which we facilitate our student’s attainment is Naviance - a US-based software that has revolutionized college counselling. Through Naviance, we are able to monitor and evaluate each learner’s individual progress and counsel them accordingly. Every student enrolled in our schools has access to Naviance via a unique login id, create a portfolio for themselves to ensure that their profile is being prepared for college applications in advance. Our students start using Naviance as early as Grade 9. Naviance keeps a record of their grades, co-curricular activities, teacher recommendations, test scores etc. We then match our students with top colleges in the world based on their Naviance portfolio.
Naviance is another example of the optimal use of technology and its integration into education. At SICAS, we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow through planning ahead and that too with the best tools possible. Our student’s individual portfolios are monitored by our team of in-house counselling experts who link our students to a range of internship opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, social impact and community work options based on their interests

Speaker Series

Successful entrepreneurs, fitness consultants, educational innovators, theater actors and musicians - SICAS Senior hosted them all as a part of our new “learning beyond classrooms” venture - the SICAS-X Speaker Series.  21st century learners can’t be confined to the parameters of textbooks and exam questions. They need to be holistic in their approach and critical in their thought. To hone these creative and critical pursuits, SICAS academic team collaborates with experts from different walks of life who come in for an interactive session with our students. Serving the role of a “mentor”, these individuals bring with them years of experience and valuable insights that are shared with our learners. The students ask them questions and seek advice. SICAS is focused on creating experiential learning opportunities for our students and through the Speaker Series, our students have secured internships and observerships at the organizations managed by our esteemed speakers.  


Understanding the requirements of the digital age and a strong belief that libraries are the locus of any educational institute, we have built our libraries as innovative spaces that foster a love for literature. For us, the library is not just a new physical space, replacing a traditional book-lined room; it also plays an important role in delivering the curriculum. It does this through e-learning and information literacy specialist staff who loan out equipment and support teachers and students in using it wherever it is needed.

To keep ourselves aligned with the demands of the 21st century learning, we have chosen Follett Destiny Library Manager, a web based platform,  for managing our library resources which not only allows librarians and administrators keep thorough, real-time track of a library’s inventory and media assets, but also gives students a fun means of discovery and reading. The database serves as a resourceful platform for teachers to design and support their lessons . With online access, the best part of the library is that students can access data anywhere, any time - the library is never close!

With access to the best materials available from a wide-range of publishers, the library has a collection of thousands of international and local books including bestsellers and award winners in the catalogue. The inter system book exchange option makes the collection a more enriching experience.The most important feature of the Follett Destiny is the Reading Programs that  are an invaluable tool for improving school-wide literacy, a key goal for all modern educators. Recent education policies aimed at funding literacy programs bring educators a step closer towards meeting that goal and make Reading Programs more accessible than ever. Research confirms that such programs encourage literacy, elevate test scores, and foster a love for learning.The Reading Program Services provide an easy way to search and find books that are a part of the most popular programs, such as Accelerated Reader®, Reading Counts!®, Lexile® and Fountas & Pinnell.