SICAS In-house Awards

At SICAS we award the intellectual and innovative abilities of our students who perform exceptionally well in individual subject categories in the GCE O’ Level and A’ Level Examinations.Every year, these high achievers not only honor the school by scoring outstanding percentages in individual subjects, but their excellence also sets a precedence for the junior classes to work hard and uphold the legacy of excellence at SICAS.

Individual Subject Awards

The individual subject awards are named after renowned individuals who have aced the fields of their respective subjects, both nationally and internationally.


Accounting Ibn Khaldun Medal
Art & Design Zahoor-Ul-Akhlaq Medal
Biology Ibn Al-Nafees Medal
Business Studies Ibn Khaldun Medal
Chemistry Madam Curie Medal
Computing Al-Jazari Medal
Economics Ibn Khaldun Medal
Mathematics Al-Jabar Medal
Physics Sir Isaac Newton Medal
Urdu Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Medal
English Language Jane Austen Medal
Islamiyat K. K. Aziz Medal
Pakistan Studies K. K. Aziz Medal
ICT Al-Jazari Medal
Science Award Award Dr. Abdus Salam Medal

Special Awards

(To be announced by Mrs. Raza and Mr. Shehryar and awarded by the Chief Guest during the Graduation segment).
Best Support Staff:

Best Staff Attendance:

O level Teacher of the Year:

A level Teacher of the Year for Humanities:

A level Teacher of the Year for Science:

Brain of SICAS Award:

Best in Media Services:

Outstanding Contribution towards School Publications Award:

Best Athletic O Levels:

Best Athletic A  Levels:

Best Female Athletic:

Best English Speaker Award:

Badr-ul-Duja Medal:

Best Society Award:

Best House in Co-Curricular:

Best House Overall:

Syed Hashim Zaidi Medal:

Colonel Salamat-ullah Medal:

Shield to Chief Guest